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Chess Competition

SynapseIndia annually organizes Chess competition in the organization to give some leisure time to employees at work in a brainy tussle among each other. Every participating employee remains much enthusiastic about the event as lots of great prizes are there to win.

SynapseIndia Premier League

SynapseIndia organized a cricket tournament between all working departments of the company. This was named as SynapseIndia premier league and all the employees took active participation in the tournament.

SynapseIndia Premier League 2015

A Cricket tournament was organized in loving memory of Neeraj Kumar Yadav

Cricket matches for 10 over per inning were played between all working departments of the company, the tournament has receieved a overwhelming response and witnessed a great particpation from the employees for all on and off the ground activities

SynapseIndia HR team has a great understanding of keeping the employees mind balanced between work and fun. They regularly organize competitive sports and gaming events to nurture the co-curricular talent of employees.

Some of the sports events are annually organized like Table Tennis Tournament, Cricket League, Chess Tournament etc. Apart from these events, HR team organized HR Connect session for each department weekly to give them a time away from work in office which includes various indoor activities that revitalize the employees.

Table Tennis Tournament features doubles team events which gives the TT paddlers a chance to showcase their talent. The teams events motivates the each participating employee to coordinate with each other and perform. This excels their communicating skill and bring the team mates together for better performance at work as well.

Cricket League is organized in winter time which is a knock-out format tournament where the cricket team of various department compete with each other. Another great way to improve the team bonding of SynapseIndia employees and give them an avenue to have fun.

Chess tournament is also organized that gives brainy folks an optimal opportunity to showoff their talent.