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Session on water conservation by DG – Special Enquiries, Mahendra Modi

Informational sessions have been an important part of SynapseIndia events. The company organized an interactive session on water conservation by Mahendra Modi, DG – Special Enquiries, UP, who is also a leading water conservation activist.

Session on water conservation by DG - Special Enquiries, Mahendra Modi

Motivational Session by SynapseIndia CEO

SynapseIndia organized a motivational event in its Noida office to boost the morale of employees. The event was hosted by, CEO of the company, and was attended by all employees.

Motivational Session by SynapseIndia CEO

Street Safety & Mind Boxing Workshop By Sifu Singh

SynapseIndia has been always conscious about public awareness & contributing to various social issues. Street Safety & Mind Boxing Workshop By Sifu Singh was organized to make people aware & educate how to stay safe at streets.

Street Safety & Mind Boxing Workshop by Sifu Singh

Inspritational Event with Tony Christiansen

As motivation at workplace is a critical part of any business, SynapseIndia organized Inspirational Event with Tony Christiansen. The major reason of the event was to inspire & motivate employees.

Tony Event

To keep the employees motivated with their personal and professional life, SynapseIndia regularly conduct events that are very much helpful for the employees. Giving the employees right fundamental information and secret of achieving success is very crucial for the company to boost the employee’s morale and motivate them to perform better.

SynapseIndia Founder Shamit Khemka actively motivates the employees at every possible level to provide them a safe and secured atmosphere to work. Be it the motivational session from Tony who had lost his legs in an accident but still impressed everyone by being a great speaker and motivational tutor or the safety lessons from martial art expert Sifu. These events gives employees to know and understand life better.

Managers at SynapseIndia regularly take the team for motivational trip on weekends to give them better understanding and knowledge to work and have fun also. In the event, when Tony came to SynapseIndia office, he mentioned that working in a team takes lot of efforts from an individual level and explained many stories to employees about the same. Employees were thrilled to know the real life story of Tony and were seen very enthusiastic with life post that session.

Enhancing each employees to perform better and have a balanced work and personal life has always been the SynapseIndia motto and various events are regularly conducted in order to achieve the goal.