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Halloween Day

Halloween Day Event Held In SynapseIndia In Year 2014

Halloween Party

In SynapseIndia, we not only celebrate the Indian festivals but we cherish the cultural diversity across the globe. As we have employees & clients from various part of the globe, hence such celebrations become more obvious.

SynapseIndia celebrates many US festivals like Christmas Day, Thanksgiving day, Martyr Day and many more. But, the employee loves Halloween Day the most. This day gives every employee to be utter secretive and build up a great make-up to celebrate the event. Apart from normal trick’o’treat every year, there is a pre-decided theme that has to be maintained by everyone to participate in the event.

All the planning for the events are made by the team allocated every year to organize the events. The team members are SynapseIndia employees only but they are given all funds and amenities to make the event successful. Last year, the theme was Roman Empire and every employee was dressed as someone you can co-relate with the ancient roman culture.

Even the Founder of company, Shamit Khemka was looking like Hector with a great make up and dress. Everyone was seen having great time in the event that included dance party, trick o treat event and a fancy dinner at the office post working hours.