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Employee Speaks

Employee Speaks

Following gives a glimpse of what our employees say about us

I am working with SynapseIndia from last 4 years. I am very happy to share my work experience with this company. SynapseIndia provides friendly work environment. I have learned lots of things here. And here management is very supportive and open for discussion with every employee. Every employee is rewarded for their works. In terms of career growth this is the best place to enhance your knowledge and your skills. I would suggest you to please join our company SynapseIndia.

Pradeep Kumar

My name is Naveen kumar. And I am associated with SynapseIndia since February 2019 and it is a great learning experience for me . SynapseIndia is a great place to work. It provides great opportunities to work with international clients in a different skills sets of the projects. And this organization should have a transparent working culture and also friendly working environment where every employee is available for help and support. I have got to learn a lot here. Also, You can manage your personal and professional life balance very as well. So, it is a wonderful experience in working with SynapseIndia.

Naveen Kumar

I am Surbhi Vats. I have joined synapseindia last year and since then there is no looking back. The company has provided an ample of opportunities to learn and grow. And the best part about company is their cooperative and collaborative team work.

Surbhi Vats

My name is Rahul Bali. And I am working in SynapseIndia as a Server Administrator. And I have been working since 5 months. And I got opportunity to move my career in cloud stream. And, If I talk about my manager, group head they are very cooperating and helping people. They are giving me new task in cloud stream and day by day, I am upgrading my technical skills in cloud stream. Moreover, I am happy to work with SynapseIndia.

Rahul Bali

My name is Abhishek Kumar. And, I am here to share some experience about SynapseIndia. I have joined SynapseIndia in April 2021. And, Since, I have joined I have been working from home. So, I will talk about work from home facility provided by SynapseIndia. SynapseIndia provides a good work from home facility. There every team members and management and supporting staffs are very supportive and quick responsive while you are working from home. And, SynapseIndia also provides you good learning platform to enhance your skill. And, Every time you get to learn new thing. So, I would like to thank to the organization to give me opportunity to be a part. Thanks SynapseIndia.

Abhishek Kumar

My name is Madhu Ranjan. I have been working at SynapseIndia for 10 month. My experience with this company has been great till now. In this company, You get opportunity to work with highly experienced people where you gain lots of knowledge and learnings in various skill sets. Here, The working environment is very friendly. Here, You can give or take sessions with anyone in team. You do your work here very systematically and process-oriented. The management and staff are very cooperative. The best part is that, the company is providing work from home facility in this pandemic and because of this you can manage your work and family more efficiently. Being a partnership of SynapseIndia with most reputed company like Microsoft and Google, I feel proud to be work here.

Madhu Ranjan

My name is Nisha Upadhyay. And, I have been working with SynapseIndia for past 1 year. And, Talking about my experience, it has been a wonderful journey with the company since now. And, If I have to talk about the assets that I found in the company, so there are many factors that I found positive that they have fix timings and you do not need to do any night shifts. And, Seniors are very cooperative and helpful. And, They are ready to help you at any point of time. And, Talking about the personal and professional growth, you will get to learn lot of things being in any department. You will be able to learn new things every day, once you will be joining the company. And, Talking about the open door policy, the company offers open door policy for employees so they can connect with people with higher management if they are facing any issues. And, If you are actually looking to grow career professionally or in any other way then SynapseIndia will be a right choice to join.

Nisha Upadhyay

I am Rachna Pandey. I have been working as a Software Engineer for 2.8 years. SynapseIndia has been providing their service to the IT sector for more than 20 years. If I talk about my work experience with SynapseIndia, which attracts me more about this organization that is good work culture, balanced work life , handsome salary, learning rate is high, extremely helpful attitude towards their employee. Also, appreciate their employees for their good work. So, for me overall it is a good organization. If you get an opportunity to work with SynapseIndia, so, I recommend you to join us.

Rachna Pandey

My name is Raheesh Yadav. I joined SynapseIndia in January 2021 as Senior Developer. I feel proud to be join SynapseIndia because I learned much more related to our career, technology and all these things. Everybody here so positive and uplifting for one other. I want to say great thanks to SynapseIndia because they provided us training professional way to work and become a professional. So, Thank you SynapseIndia.

Raheesh Yadav

This is Ashish kumar Gupta. And, Today I would like to share some of my experience and feedback about the SynapseIndia. So, I have been working since last 1 year in SynapseIndia. And, I noticed all the people and teammates are very supportive in this organization. Also, I mainly like two things in this organization, first is the transparency and the second thing is the process management. So, I would suggest all the people who are looking the great opportunity in their career you can join SynapseIndia. Thank you very much.

Ashish kumar Gupta

My name is Ishan . I am working with SynapseIndia since 2015. I am working in Business Development Department. The best thing about the company is building team activities, encouraging team’s energies, learning new technologies and upcoming trends is a great addition to it. And sharing the screen sessions with these are really help improve the team members. The management is really supportive and supports you in your decisions. SynapseIndia is a process oriented company and being transparent to the clients and team members they are associated with. SynapseIndia is an IT industry more than 21 years now and being partner with Microsoft, Shopify, Drupal, Big commerce etc. If you want to get better in IT industry, I would recommend to join SynapseIndia.

Ishan Tyagi

My name is Navjot. And, I have been associated with SynapseIndia from the past 5 years as a Business Development Executive. SynapseIndia is a company that welcome all the pros and rookies with warm hand and help them to build a greater career with their expertise and try to achieve the goals they are looking for. The team here in SynpaseIndia is quite friendly. The work culture is really great. Everyone try to help you out in the critical situation. Team members provide their critical thinking skills and try to adapt you with the environment with the specific scenarios right now like these days working from home. So, Basically if you are joining SynpaseIndia, it is a great company to build career with. I put my thumbs up to the SynpaseIndia.

Navjot Pal

I am Narendra. I am working with SynapseIndia for more than 6 years. There are so many good things in the company but would like to highlight some of them . The first thing that I liked the most about the company when I joined this company was the infrastructure and the sitting arrangements of the employees. The Other thing was the working culture and the professionalism, environment that I felt a lot. The second thing is the life balance of the employees in the company which is the positive part here. We have been working with international clients but in the IST time zone and that is one of the positive part that I like most. The third thing is the rewards and recognitions from the management from the development managers which is like a booster to us who keeps on improving. There are so many good learnings. Managers and the management is supporting a lot. This is like win – win solution for us to keep growing with all those areas where we can.

Narender Singh

My name is Prakhar Barnwal. And, I am working with SynapseIndia since last 2 years. SynapseIndia is a fast growing company. It provide a family work environment. SynapseIndia gives me a more opportunity to grow my career. I have learned a lot in this company. I have learned project monitoring, project handling and client communication etc. It is a good place for grow our career.

Prakhar Barnwal