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Employee Speaks

Employee Speaks

Following gives a glimpse of what our employees say about us

My name is Dharmendra. I am working with SynapseIndia from last 2 years . I am happy to share my experience with SynapseIndia. I have learned lot of things and enhance my skills in this company. SynapseIndia is providing good and friendly environment to work. Management and teams are very supportive in this company. I suggest you to join SynapseIndia to enhance your career and skills.

Dharmendra kumar

My name is Rajeev Sharma. I am working in SynapseIndia since last 2 year. I would like to share my work experience with you in this company. SynapseIndia is a great place to work. They provide us a great opportunity to work in a different skill set. I belong to MS department .I am working as a senior software developer. From the last 2 year i do not get any kind of issue in this company. For the teammate or team leader or the manager I would like to say that they are very cooperative as well as very humble. In the last I would like say that I have advanced my skill from the last 2 year day by day even it is related to the technical skills or any other.

Rajeev Sharma

Myself Priya Bhatia. And, I have joined SynapseIndia 2 months back. The working culture here is very good. All the team members are very supportive. Management is very good. The whole system is automated here .And, It was great experience in working well automated system. I like SynapseIndia.

Priya Bhatia

My name is Arun Kumar .I have joined SynapseIndia Pvt Ltd 9 months back. I am very glad to be part of this beautiful organization. Here. I have worked on many projects and learned new technologies. And, The culture of the company is very good. Team managers and everyone is available to talk. They are also very supportive. And, Everyone is good here to help you anytime if you have stuck anywhere they are always there to help you. So, I will say all the best.

Arun kumar

I am Priyanka Dasila. i am working here with SynapseIndia from past 3 months. Its a really great place to work with. Staff is very helpful and seniors are very cooperative. They are always available to help you towards their suggestion over the task. Apart from this, SynapseIndia has very unique atmosphere with a very positive ambience to work in. I really had a good opportunities to showcase my talent, and work in different kind of task here. I am really happy to work with SynapseIndia. So if you want to join SynapseIndia, please come and showcase your skills.

Priyanka Dasila

Myself Mohd Raqim Khan. I have been working in SynapseIndia around more than 5 year. And, I must say that it is a great experience working in this organization. The things i like most in this organization that is there automated system which basically reduce the human interventions. It means i can do anything without approval of anyone without any human interactions. I may go home without even informing anyone. So, There automated system control all the things smoothly that executed all the things. And, I will appreciate everyone who would just like to join that organization.

Mohd Raqim khan

Priya Chandoliya this side. And I have joined SynapseIndia as a content writer. And I have joined this organization in September 2021. And, I would like to say about SynapseIndia a few things like you can consider their open culture work environment. Their work environment is like is free to speak or something like this. And the most important thing is their hierarchy they have maintained. You can contact any person any time you do not need to think about the position and power and all. So, That is all from my side. I would like to add more but not now after sometime for sure.

Priya Chandoliya

I am an IT engineer having more than 5 years of experience in IT domain. Currently, I am working with SynapseIndia and I am here to say my experience of my company. First thing, I would like to say that SynapseIndia had played a very vital role in terms of enhancing my technical skills. Managers over here are very much supportive, my colleagues, my seniors all are very much supportive. They are very well professional. If I say inhouse atmosphere, it is very much friendly. We do have different activities for our entertainment purpose. Last but not least, I would like to say i am very much happy to be the part of SynapseIndia.

Rajesh Kumar Pandit

I am Kamalesh kumar. I am working with SynapseIndia since 2 years. My manager and colleagues are very supportive. SynapseIndia provide good environment and transparent work culture. Also they provide lots of benefits to their employees. I am very happy working with SynapseIndia because they provide work life balance environment.

Kamalesh kumar

I have SynapseIndia in December 2011.I started work at SynapseIndia as a Network Engineer and got opportunity to develop my skill and assist with a different user. I have a strong and dedicated team and having lot of fun. I have a responsibility to give support to users technical support. We closely interact with user until issue not resolved . There are also unexpected challenges to cope with but I am very lucky to have a dedicated and strong team they are always very helpful. I have been here 10 years. We have very cooperative and supportive managers. I am proud to be part of SynapseIndia.

Krishna Kant Jha

I have been working with SynapseIndia 8 years now and it is a great place to work. SynapseIndia is a 20 years old company and Microsoft and Google partner as well. So, my journey was so good and really feel happy to be part of this organization. And would like to keep contributing toward the growth of the company. Our managers and seniors are also very supportive. So, I must that SynapseIndia is a great place to work, grow and learn.

Mahender Singh Chauhan

I am associated with SynapseIndia from last 3 years and it is been a wonderful working experience with them. And I would like to share my working experience with you all. SynapseIndia not only offers great career growth opportunities and a good working culture but at the same time it believes in contributing towards the welfare of the society and its employees. For example during covid situation where people were actually struggling with their jobs in terms of job insecurity, pay cuts, no salaries, delayed salaries that time SynapseIndia not only provided timely and full salaries to its employees but it offer employment opportunities to many people by doing this in hiring. It also encourage its internal staff to help people find a job opportunities with us by launching attractive employee referral benefit. So, who would not like to be a part of a stable organization like this ? Another important aspect of working with SynapseIndia is its open door policy you can easily approach or reach out to your senior managers or the top management in order to discuss your concerns or suggestions which gets well heard by them. I am very much happy to be a part of the Synapse family.

Vaishali Jindal

My name is Isha Mathur and I am working with SynapseIndia since last 2 years. SynapseIndia is a great place to get learn and get the opportunity to excel yourself. While talking about the working culture, I am blessed to have a great manager who always encourage and motivate me and pushed me towards the learning. I got a great teammates to work with who always cooperate and help me to work and to learn.

Isha Mathur

My name is Arun Singh. I have join the SynapseIndia in September 2020 in the Open Source Department .My overall experience is in SynapseIndia is very good. And the Synapse process is very transparent. All the team members and management are really helpful. If anybody want to join the SynapseIndia it is a great platform to learn a lot of things

Arun kumar Singh