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Employee Speaks

Employee Speaks

Following gives a glimpse of what our employees say about us

I have joined SynapseIndia 9 months back. My overall experience is really great here. The processes are really transparent. Kudos to the management, managers and the team members for their immense support and efforts. If you are looking for a dynamic and challenging career yet rewarding one, then this is the right place to join.

Anshu dubran

I am Shivam. I am working in SynapseIndia since last 7 months. This is great company to work. Here, All the staffs are very supportive and work environment is very friendly. It is good company to start your career.

Shivam Kumar Bharti

My name is Sunny. And, It is been 2 months, I am working with SynapseIndia. And, What I like about the company is that the company is working as CMMI level 3 and this means that company is fully structured. Apart from this what i like about the company is, the team is really great. They are really supportive . They always encourage you to learn new technologies. Whenever you need the manager department always there to help you out. The technical team is always there to help you out. These are the things what I like about the company.

Sunny Kumar

My name is Mohammad Hosamuddin. Today, I am sharing my experience with SynapseIndia. In SynapseIndia, I am work for last 4 month. Here, all the team member is very supportive and environment is very friendly.

Md. Hosamuddin

My name is Ankit Singh. I am a Senior Software Engineer. I am working with the SynapseIndia since 2 years. SynapseIndia have a good place to work and give friendly working environment. SynapseIndia give opportunity to learn a different technology and also give opportunity to communicate to international client. The team members of SynapseIndia and management team is very supporting. I will suggest you please join a SynapseIndia.

Ankit Singh

This is Tanuj. I am working in SynapseIndia past 2 years. It is an amazing journey about to learn new things and new experiences. I have a wonderful team here which is very supportive and encouraging. If you are going to join this company then you will definitely enjoy the company environment which is very positive. I am glad that i am part of SynapseIndia.

Tanuj Kumar

Myself Ashish Ranjan. I have been working in SynapseIndia since last 5 year. It is a fast growing company and the environment is very good here and take care of their employee. It has an excellent work culture and provide full support of their employee. Here, I have learn a lot in this company in last 5 years like estimation part, project handling as well as a client communication. It gives me a good chance for my career growth. And, I would like to work in such a company.

Ashish Ranjan

Myself Pradeep Kushwaha. I am an IT professional. I have a 3 year of experience in IT field. I am working with the SynapseIndia from last 6 months. I am very happy to join SynapseIndia. In this company, every employee and every colleagues are very supportive very professional. Also, The managers and team leaders are very supportive. They support every employee. I am learning a lot of things after joining SynapseIndia.

Pradeep Kushwaha

My name is Jitender Rajora. I have started my career at SynapseIndia in April 2012. I would appreciate my overall experience in SynapseIndia. I have learned many things in my technical field. I have really enjoy working with SynapseIndia because it is perfect and friendly environment. My managers, my colleagues are very much supportive person. And, Other departments and managers are very supportive person . So, I am glad to be a part of SynapseIndia.

Jitender Rajora

My name is Jitendra Kumar. I have worked with SynapseIndia Pvt Ltd more than 1 year. All seniors and colleague are very supportive. I like the work environment. And, All the management is also very supportive. SynapseIndia provide good opportunity to develop our skills and knowledge and also open for the suggestions.

Jitender Kumar

I am Rohit Singh. Today, I am sharing my experience with SynapseIndia. I have been working with SynapseIndia since last 2 years. And, It has been a great experience working with SynapseIndia. It is a very great place to learn and grow. The management is very supportive towards the working culture. The teammates and the managers, staff is very supportive. I am very thankful to work with SynapseIndia.

Rohit Singh

My name is Rashmi Mishra. I joined SynapseIndia in the month of July 2021. It is been an honor to be a part of SynapseIndia as it is one of the best organization to work with. Everyone at SynapseIndia is so supportive and cordial in nature. They always extend their support to new joinees and make them comfortable with the work culture. I am enjoying my time with SynapseIndia and will not be hesitate to recommend others to join this organization. I wish SynapseIndia all the very best for their future and endeavors.

Rashmi Mishra

Myself Sonali Yadav. I am working with SynapseIndia from past 2 years. Here, I have enjoyed working with the all my colleagues as they are very professional and supportive. Also, I have learned so many things from them. We have got opportunities to communicate with foreign clients. Salaries are also provided on time. It is been fun working over here .We have to conduct activities, fun game with the help of HR team. Overall, It is a very friendly environment over here . I am glad to be a part of this organization here

Sonali Yadav

This is Sudhir. I had join SynapseIndia in mid of 2011 in Open Source department. Here, We got very friendly work environment and flexible work schedule. Seniors are very supportive and they always encourage us to work better. SynapseIndia provides competitive environment to achieve your goals. Also, They provide training to learn new technology. I got opportunity to directly work with the international clients.

Sudhir Kumar Singh