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Employee Speaks

Employee Speaks

Following gives a glimpse of what our employees say about us

I am Gaurav Dutt working as a Project Coordinator with SynapseIndia since February 2018. I would like to share my work experience with you all. Being as a Project Coordinator, I used to interact with different technical teams and found that the team is highly intelligent and expertise in their areas. They are quite cooperative and friendly and helps other to attain the objective and the project goal. Apart from this, I would like to share my experience for the management as well. Management is quite cooperative and open to listen the suggestions from their employees and even provide a solution for their concerns they have to their satisfactions. SynapseIndia have a working culture in such a way that each and every employee is getting motivated and awards are being also given in timely manners to boost their morale. overall, I would like to say that a great company to work and love to work here.

Gaurav Dutt

SynapseIndia is a good company. It is a new opportunity to improve you and your career. And I had come here as a fresher, I have learned and worked on many projects like asp.net, mvc and angular, Web api technology also. And SynapseIndia also offer breakfast and lunch here. And Overall, I am happy to here work in a SynapseIndia company. So, Thanks SynapseIndia

Santosh Kumar Patel

I am sharing my experience of SynapseIndia. SynapseIndia provide good culture and environment. I have learned and self-improved .net and communication skills our team member supported. Also, management here is good. Apart from this, HR provide some fun activities in weekly.

Najeeb Ahmad Khan

I am Ankita Kapoor working with SynapseIndia for the past 2.5 years. And, I have been working in QPEG team as a Junior Software Tester. I have enjoyed my tenure working with SynapseIndia and special thanks to my team and teammates, my manager, and my teammates.

Ankita Kapoor

I joined SynapseIndia in August 2021 as a WordPress Developer. It has been a great journey till now. I am in the team of open source and the team is very supportive, very much humble and the environment is very friendly. Here the team, I am working with they have high level of expertise. And, I get very much chance of learning and in the path of the development of the career. SynapseIndia is a great place to work and a great place to develop your career.

Shaif Ahmed

This is Anita Dagar. So, I am here today to share my experience working with SynapseIndia. So, If I talk about the work culture here it is very stress-free and very peaceful here. Management is very supportive always a working culture. And I must say, if you are looking for a great opportunity so you must join SynapseIndia. And I am looking here for a longer duration.

Anita Dagar

I am Sunil Mehra working as Project Lead in SynapseIndia for more than 2 years. Working in SynapseIndia is a great experience. All the seniors are really helpful and open to suggestions and fellow teammates are cooperative in doing the work together. Management is very professional and always concerned about the wellbeing of employees. SynapseIndia very well handled the covid situation and given every help required to each employee to do work from home, that too without any resistance in their career growth. Working environment over here is quite nice, along with work we sometimes talk, laugh, celebrate and have fun in workplace. We have weekly townhall meetings in which many fun activities are carried out to relieve normal working life stress. SynapseIndia very well recognize your talent. Here, you get the opportunity to work with international clients and showcase your expertise globally. SynapseIndia gives you chance to engage directly with clients which helps in growth of employees not only in their area of expertise but also in other professional aspects which lead to overall development of employee. I would highly recommend young candidates to join SynapseIndia if they love to do challenging, innovative and quality work using the latest technologies prevailing in international market.

Sunil Mehra

I am Naveen kumar Gupta. I am sharing my experience with SynapseIndia. I am working since 2 years. And I have learned technologies like .net, mvc, angular etc. And, it provide a good culture and environment for everyone. Team members are very supportive. I am very thankful to work with SynapseIndia.

Naveen kumar Gupta