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Employee Speaks

Employee Speaks

Following gives a glimpse of what our employees say about us

I have worked with SynapseIndia as Junior Software engineer for less than a year. In this company, there are lots of opportunities to learn new technologies. SynapseIndia is very different from other companies i.e. the kind of work and the kind of people who work there and the work culture and fa cilities which they provide to employees. Seniors are very supportive.


Hello everyone. I am Rakesh and I am sharing the small feedback for SynapseIndia company. I have worked with SynapseIndia for above 2 years in Dot Net development. Its a good company and my team was very supportive. Management was also very good and HR engage you with lots of activities, funs and games. You can develop your core skills in SynapseIndia. It provides good learning and you can develop your skills and communications. SynapseIndia provides good working environment.


I am working as a software engineer in SynapseIndia. SynapseIndia is a very nice work place to learn new technologies and enhance your skills. I learnt a lot in SynapseIndia and I really appreciate SynapseIndia to enhance my skills. I am very glad to work with SynapseIndia. Thankyou.