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Employee Speaks

Employee Speaks

Following gives a glimpse of what our employees say about us

I have worked with SynapseIndia as Junior Software engineer for less than a year. In this company, there are lots of opportunities to learn new technologies. SynapseIndia is very different from other companies i.e. the kind of work and the kind of people who work there and the work culture and fa cilities which they provide to employees. Seniors are very supportive.


Hello everyone. I am Rakesh and I am sharing the small feedback for SynapseIndia company. I have worked with SynapseIndia for above 2 years in Dot Net development. Its a good company and my team was very supportive. Management was also very good and HR engage you with lots of activities, funs and games. You can develop your core skills in SynapseIndia. It provides good learning and you can develop your skills and communications. SynapseIndia provides good working environment.


I am working as a software engineer in SynapseIndia. SynapseIndia is a very nice work place to learn new technologies and enhance your skills. I learnt a lot in SynapseIndia and I really appreciate SynapseIndia to enhance my skills. I am very glad to work with SynapseIndia. Thankyou.


Myself Dilip and I started my career at SynapseIndia in 2013, and have been involved in several projects for overseas client, and now one of the key member of Drupal team at SynapseIndia. The most significant skill which I gained is the confident to communicate effectively, as well as to provide best IT solutions to achieve their business needs. I really enjoyed working with the SynapseIndia because it is a perfect working environment where I can grow with my career, share my thoughts with management team and work with passionate colleagues. Additionally, this is the also the place where I can manage completely my work life balance.


I am working in SynapseIndia since last 6 years. I have started here as a mobile application developer and currently working as team lead in mobile team. I got too much opportunity in SynapseIndia to explore my skills and knowledge in order to make growth. I never felt in past 6 years that I am working under same group because I learn something new on each and everyday. Best thing in SynapseIndia is to provide transparent system to adapt latest technologies and direct communication with client. Staff and management is very cooperative for each and individual employee. I am pleasure towards here and proud to be here.


I am Rakesh Sharma, and I am working in SynapseIndia. This is a very good and nice company. It has a great cool mind environment. And they provide us many facilities. And I think this is not only a company, this is our family because they treat us as like a family. So, for these things, I want to say a great thanks to SynapseIndia, because they provide us many professional ways how to work and how to become professional. Thank you so much again for SynapseIndia. It is a great working experience for me, and I think all employees have feel this to work in this company. Thank you so much

Rakesh Sharma

I am Sandeep Singh Naruka. I had worked in SynapseIndia for 1.5 years. I learned many things here and I have a very good experience in this company. Important thing in SynapseIndia is supportive nature. You are open to talk to every teammates, your juniors and seniors, all persons. If you stuck at any point, they are all available for the support. You are need to just talk to them. You can learn new technologies here. There are many opportunities where you can learn while working with these new technologies. You can help to grow yourself as well as the company by doing this. Thank you

Sandeep Singh Naruka

I am Avinash Singh and I had worked in SynapseIndia for 5 years and there I learnt a lot of things. The good thing in SynapseIndia is that you can communicate with everyone like manager, project managers and senior-level persons as well. As well as, you can directly communicate with your team mates, your team leaders and everyone. If you are getting any problem in your any type of work, you can directly reach to them and it is an amazing thing I haven’t seen such type of things that you can directly communicate with your higher levels and your lower levels as well. And you learn a lot of things about different technologies as well. And if you are knowing different type of technology, it is not barrier that you are only stick with only one technology. You will get projects in another technologies as well. You can grow in your life, that is a good thing. Thank you

Avinash Singh

My name is Deepak Rawat I have worked with SynapseIndia outsourcing Pvt ltd as a senior software tester for more than 4 years. I had a good experience with all the team members here. I learned so many things. This company always give salary on time. The best part of this company they provided breakfast, lunch and evening snacks. They also provided coffee and tea in the morning, afternoon and evening. Overall, I had a good experience work with SynapseIndia.

Deepak Rawat

I am currently working with SynapseIndia as a Senior Software Engineer. I am associated with this organization for more than 6 years. Here, I worked with many teams and with lot of people. I learnt lot of things from all of them. They all are very supportive and helpful. Here, I got lot of challenging task from client end and from teams. They all help to improve myself and to learn lot of new technologies. SynapseIndia is a good place to learn and grow.

Ruchi Chaudhary

I am software engineer at SynapseIndia. SynapseIndia is a great place to work. The good thing of SynapseIndia is, SynapseIndia use new technology. As we all know that, new technology is future of any company and their employees. I enjoy my time here and appreciate working with SynapseIndia.

Taiyyab Hussain

My name is Amit Nautiyal. Working at SynapseIndia is a great pleasure for me. it’s been filled with learning and growing within the organization. The thing I appreciate most about the company is that, it has given me the opportunity to work in a pleasant multicultural environment with very nice colleagues. Thanks to the team and management for this wonderful experience. I am proud to be a part of SynapseIndia.

Amit Nautiyal

This is Amit Chauhan and I have been associated with SynapseIndia past several years. And it was a great experience while working in SynapseIndia. And, if I am talking about the career growth you get here the lot of opportunities to groom your career or to grow your career in terms of , you work with the international clients with the latest technologies. And, if I am talking about management and teammates all are very true kind and very supportive and always around with us to support on every points. So, let’s thanks for all and finally i would say that it is a excellent place work and grow. And, if you want a dynamic and challenging career then you should definitely join the SynapseIndia.

Amit Chauhan

I am Parul and I am associated with SynapseIndia since December 2012. I have joined here as a Junior HR Executive and was promoted to HR Executive and Senior HR Executive. Over the past 8 years, I have gained experience and knowledge into the several gambit of human resource. And my journey here has been really great and the type of the work environment that i have been working has helped me a lot in understanding the minor details of human resource. SynapseIndia recognize your talent and helps you to grow. SynapseIndia provides you the various training which really helps you to grow and groom yourself. Here, you get many platforms to showcase your skills and your ideas. We have that culture where out of the box thinking and the ideas are discussed and implemented. It is a great place to work where one can get several opportunities to explore which definitely will help them to transform their career.