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Employee Speaks

Employee Speaks

Following gives a glimpse of what our employees say about us

I am Rajive and I am working as a Software Architect at SynapseIndia. SynapseIndia gives us an opportunity to explore our technology. During my tenure, SynapseIndia gave me an opportunity to be a part of CMMI assessment process, and during the period we learn a lot about the process resulting nowadays. The process we follow here is very robust ,also SynapseIndia gives opportunity to every employee to learn new technology as per the market skills, which is very much goal oriented and allowing us to make decision. I am very happy to be part of this family. Thankyou.


I am happy to say about SynapseIndia. Since i joined SynapseIndia, I have a good professional journey. The 2 plus years I have been with the company, its most rewarding and the best learning years of my career. It is very motivating to join a company like this. In its growth process and I totally enjoy working here. Its is family friendly organization that cares about their employees. If you want to work in a good environment, you can join any place, but if you want to work in a great environment this is the place.


Myself Manoj working with SynapseIndia as a project manager. I have been working with SynapseIndia for over 16 years. I started my career with SynapseIndia as a Software Engineer from 2004 and promoted to SSE TL JPM and PM. SynapseIndia recognize their employee for good work and I achieved multiple awards like CMMI adoption, Star Performer, employee of the month, winner of zero bugs. SynapseIndia provide transparent system and give us opportunity to work on the latest technology and direct client communication allow us to take all decision and manage them. Management is very cooperative and always open for discussion on different ideas and provide guidance to meet our goal and grow further. I am proud to be part of SynapseIndia family.


I am an software architect in SynapseIndia since long. I have learned a lot in SynapseIndia. In SynapseIndia I enjoyed working with all colleagues as they are very professional, supportive and friendly. I have learnt so many things from my seniors, colleagues and juniors as well. Also the work environment culture is too good here. I have always been glad to be a of a part of SynapseIndia.


I am working in SynapseIndia since 2 years. Here I learned lot of things. SynapseIndia provides me training session to learn new things. My manager and colleague also help me. So, day by day i am improving my skills. If someone is looking for a change or career growth then SynapseIndia is the best place to join.


I joined SynapseIndia in 2017 and completed 4 years. I got both opportunity and challenges. I learnt about latest technology at SynapseIndia. There are international clients and SynapseIndia provides opportunity to interact with these international clients directly. This is the good option to enhance the ability to handle the clients. Senior guidance is perfect. they help us to understand the client requirement and handle the situation in real time

Gopal Sharma

I have been working with SynapseIndia since 1.7 years and its great for me to learn new things here. SynapseIndia provides you opportunity to interact directly with international clients. You should join SynapseIndia for your future growth and to focus on your career.

Boni Gope

Synapseindia is award winning company and infrastructure is very good I have joined this company 5 months back. I got a chance to work on new technology. CEO of this company, managers, team members and HR are very polite.

Santosh Kumar

SynapseIndia complete all projects on time: I am working with SynapseIndia since more than 8 years. SynapseIndia is a 20 years old company and work only with international clients. I got supportive managers, team members who help me in my career growth. We get very good project management tool by which can track all project related activities and complete them on time.


SynapseIndia is 20 years old company and has very good working environment, a learning opportunity for everyone. It is a right place where we can execute our thought and ability. SynapseIndia has a very good project management system where project is monitored at multiple level to deliver a good quality of work to client. SynapseIndia provides space to their employees to manage their personal and professional life. It always reward its employee for their work and provide a very good working environment to execute their thought and ability.


I working with SynapseIndia since more than 10 years. I got lot of opportunities to explore myself. SynapseIndia has healthy work environment and good culture. All are very cooperative at SynapseIndia.


I have been working with SynapseIndia for more than 1 year. Its really been a great journey so far. SynapseIndia provides a very healthy environment that enable an employee to deliver a good quality of product to client. SynapseIndia provides a very good infrastructure, supportive colleagues and helping management. SynapseIndia has a very transparent system that evaluates the performance of every employee. They recognize the talent of every employee and award them.


I am working here since 1 year. Work environment at SynapseIndia is good and it provides best platform to increase knowledge and skills. i feel very grateful and happy that i am associated with SynapseIndia. i am looking to work here for a long time.


I am a part of Magento project development team. I have been working with SynapseIndia since 2015. Synapseindia is a place where we can improve our skills and work quality. Its a never ending stream of ideas and challenges at SynapseIndia. I enjoy my work and time because my colleagues are like my family members and very supportive.