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Employee Speaks

Employee Speaks

Following gives a glimpse of what our employees say about us

Hi, this side Harendra Kumar. I am ex-employee of SynapseIndia. I worked there for around 1 year and 5 months in Open source department. For me, its personally a lot of growth in me to develop my technical skill as well as management, because I handle individual projects for clients. So thanks to my team who gaveme a such kind of responsibilities, so its very much interesting to join and thanks to SynapseIndia and team to give me this opportunity. Thank you very much.


SynapseIndia gave me opportunity to balance my professional and personal life balance by allowing me to work at fixed hours. It provides all types of support to their employees to improve their skills. The best part is its working culture. Here developer gets the opportunity to interact with international clients directly which helps to groom their skills and confidence. Salaries are always given on time. All employees are very support in nature.


SynapseIndia is a great place to work. Here is a list of reasons to work – friendly environment, flexible work schedule, suggestions for changes are received openly, easy to implement changes, great co workers, lots of new tech learnings, Senior staff seems to really care that employees are happy and motivated. SynapseIndia understand when employee needs time of family in case of emergencies. SynapseIndia truly value their employees. Many people have been with SynapseIndia for 15+ years. SynapseIndia provides benefits like health insurance. Company has good reputation in community also. I am proud to tell that i work here.


SynapseIndia offers opportunity to grow both professionally and personally: It has been about 8 years working with SynapseIndia . It has been indeed been a very enriching experience for me. It is an organization which offers opportunity to everyone to foster and grow both professionally and personally. I have not only learnt a lot over these years about my own domain, but there has also been a lot of cross functional learning which has helped in overall growth in my career. i must say that SynapseIndia is a great place to grow and learn.


Its been almost 12 years with SynapseIndia. I love to be part of SynapseIndia. I feel that SynapseIndiahas positive atmosphere to work in. I really enjoy to work with talented co workers. All of the employees are very smart and creative. Senior staff seems to take care that employees are happy and motivated. Very fast working environment. I proud to tell other people to work here.


I am working with SynapseIndia for past several years. SynapseIndia provides excellent growth opportunities. Environment is very supportive. Work culture is very competitive. You get every opportunity to learn new things by using your skills for your own growth as well as growth of the company.


I am ex employee of SynapseIndia. Throughout my journey with SynapseIndia, i found some positive things and i want to share that with you, so let’s begin with one to one. Here you can find nice people and good support from team, good working environment. Always there is a scope to learn new technologies. It feel like you are working here with friends and not colleagues. God annual appraisal. Lots of opportunities to learn new things, flexible timings. Company is going very fast and doing some exceptional work in management. Company focus on overall growth of company and employee. company understand work life balance and actually respect that. company is focusing on new tech which is beneficial for employee who come from diff technological background. company always welcome new ideas and give exposure to learn new things.


Hi, This is Priya Rajput and I have been part of SynapseIndia as a Dot Net Developer from Microsoft department and working with Synapse is like a family, they are not only a company, it’s a family itself, so they provide you a warm welcome with a lots of chocolates and flowers there, so that was a memorable moment for me and also they provide a lot of facilities like breakfast and meals, so as I am a foodie person so I enjoyed it a lot. Apart of this they have very nice very good projects with good latest technologies so you can learn a lot, you can brush-up your skills, so as we are technical person and learning is very important for us so you can learn a lot of things there. They have a very friendly culture and environment, their employees, teams are very supportive so that was about my experience with Synapse.


I am working with SynapseIndia since 2015 and as per my experience with SynapseIndia, its rewarding, both personally and professionally. SynapseIndia provide a competitive environment to achieve your goals and they are providing trainings to learn new things as well. So I would prefer to join SynapseIndia to achieve your goals and targets.

Ashish Lithra

My name is Murari Mishra, I have worked in SynapseIndia for more than 10 years in Open Source Department. As an employee, I have got lot of benefits from this organization such as, time to time I got the trainings of technology & frameworks and good appraisals. Here Seniors or the HR are so supportive. Also I got the opportunities there to directly work with the international clients. I will recommend the person who are searching for a job, that SynapseIndia is a good place.


I am sharing this video just for a short feedback about the SynapseIndia company and I am working here since last 3.5 years, even more than 3.5 years and it’s a good experience to be working over here. Teams are very supportive, managements are good, HR teams are very supportive. HR teams providing a lot of activities, fun games and you will enjoy all the things with your work even and SynapseIndia also provides a quality work to the clients. Teams are very experienced here, so you can learn lot of things apart from your core skills. Yes, it’s a good experience to be working here and if you are looking for a career ok and good environment so, you have to go with this company and it’s a good company.


I started my journey with SynapseIndia on 1st August 2017 and it was one of the best move I have taken as SynapseIndia is employee friendly company and got lots of opportunity where we have explored our technology, and most important is that our people and client both are very supportive and helpful. So I thoroughly enjoy my working with my team member in such a collaborative atmosphere and I’m very happy to be the part of SynapseIndia.


I am Karisma. I joined SynapseIndia in 2014, so its been almost 6 years that I have been associated with this organization. If I am talking about my journey in SynapseIndia, it has been filled with learning and also growing within the organization. Also I have been part of several trainings and seminars since my joining which helped me to improve my skills. So I am grateful to all colleagues here who contributed in my journey so far.


I am Kanhya Thakur, I am working here as Junior Project Manager, and part of this organization since 11 years now. I have almost stepped all of the development journey here like Junior Software Engineer, Software Engineer, Sr Software Engineer, TL and now a Junior Project Manager. Its only happen due to SynapseIndia provides a very transparent system and you know it gives opportunity to every employee to learn new technologies as per the market skills which is very much goal oriented, and allowing to make decision. I am very happy to be part of this family.