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Employee Speaks

Employee Speaks

Following gives a glimpse of what our employees say about us

Synapseindia has given me opportunities to work with new technologies. I have worked for SynapseIndia for over 6 years now. My best experience been working for SynapseIndia is, co-operation with people, co-operation with managers and co-operation with peers. If anyone is looking for a dynamic and a challenging career, yet a rewarding one, SynapseIndia is the place to be. It is a nice place to work in.


I am working with SynapseIndia since past 2 years. SynapseIndia provides the way so that i can improve my coding and learning curve. All the managers and group heads are very supportive. Whenever i get stuck in any problem, they are ready to help me. I believe that my learning curve will get better day be day.


SynapseIndia gave me opportunity to balance my professional and personal life balance by allowing me to work at fixed hours. It provides all types of support to their employees to improve their skills. The best part is its working culture. Here developer gets the opportunity to interact with international clients directly which helps to groom their skills and confidence. Salaries are always given on time. All employees are very support in nature.


This is my third company and i am really proud that i am here. SynapseIndia always address things that we need, so we never delay in delivering good quality of work to client. My experience with this company has been great so far. I learnt a lot of things. Environment is very friendly. I can go in any department and to anyone to ask any question. They are always willing to help me.


I feel very proud to be one of the oldest employee of SynapseIndia. My career has skied with the growth of the company, the extraordinary knowledge transfer across the different streams of the project has benefitted to lot of employees. i am really grateful to work in a place which makes us grow to greater heights.


Its a right place to learn and to execute my thoughts and ideas on any platform as i wish. SynapseIndia provides employee friendly work environment which helps the employee to give quality work to clients. In terms of career growth, its best platform to enhance your knowledge and skills. I have always been glad to be with SynapseIndia.


The best experience is the coordination between team and peers. My manager, team members and my colleagues are just like my family. So i love this company and committed to its success. At SynapseIndia, the focus is to give better and healthy work environments to their employees. Every employee is rewarded for their work. So simply its the best place work and learn new things in terms of new technology.


SynapseIndia offers opportunity to grow both professionally and personally: It has been about 8 years working with SynapseIndia . It has been indeed been a very enriching experience for me. It is an organization which offers opportunity to everyone to foster and grow both professionally and personally. I have not only learnt a lot over these years about my own domain, but there has also been a lot of cross functional learning which has helped in overall growth in my career. i must say that SynapseIndia is a great place to grow and learn.


i am extremely honored to work with brilliant, friendly and talented people. SynapseIndia is a great place to work and it provides a great opportunity to work with various international client in different skills sets. SynapseIndia believes in a policy of excellence. It shows in their commitment to delver best product , not only to their customers but also to their employees. Since i have been here, SynapseIndia has set the bars on constant growth and improvements. I continues to do what it takes to the best in terms of technical exposure, project management, personal and professional life balance.


SynapseIndia allows to balance personal and professional life: its really a privilege to be part of this organization. Its a Microsoft and Google partner company. We have a great and supportive team. The kind of environment provided by company allows me to balance my personal and professional life. So i am improving my skills day by day in a better way.


SynapseIndia complete all projects on time: I am working with SynapseIndia since more than 8 years. SynapseIndia is a 20 years old company and work only with international clients. I got supportive managers, team members who help me in my career growth. We get very good project management tool by which can track all project related activities and complete them on time.


SynapseIndia is 20 years old company and has very good working environment, a learning opportunity for everyone. It is a right place where we can execute our thought and ability. SynapseIndia has a very good project management system where project is monitored at multiple level to deliver a good quality of work to client. SynapseIndia provides space to their employees to manage their personal and professional life. It always reward its employee for their work and provide a very good working environment to execute their thought and ability.


Its been almost 12 years with SynapseIndia. I love to be part of SynapseIndia. I feel that SynapseIndiahas positive atmosphere to work in. I really enjoy to work with talented co workers. All of the employees are very smart and creative. Senior staff seems to take care that employees are happy and motivated. Very fast working environment. I proud to tell other people to work here.


I am working with SynapseIndia for past several years. SynapseIndia provides excellent growth opportunities. Environment is very supportive. Work culture is very competitive. You get every opportunity to learn new things by using your skills for your own growth as well as growth of the company.