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Employee Speaks

Employee Speaks

Following gives a glimpse of what our employees say about us

I have been working with SynapseIndia since last 7 years and I feel proud being a part of it. I always believe that an employee growth is directly proportional to an organization growth. And here at SynapseIndia, I have witnessed several outstanding achievements at organization level as well as people are here doing tremendous growth at their own level. Further, I believe that it is always delight to work with the process driven company. Here at SynapseIndia we have defined several processes which we follow throughout the different phases of the projects like starting from the customer engagement process till the final delivery of the project . I wish great success to all my colleagues and friends at SynapseIndia.

Ashish Sharma

I am working with Synapse family and learnt a lot with different projects and skills. This is nice place to learn and grow with your career. This company environment is very helpful and loving. This company work culture and transparency is very good. I like everything about this company.


I am connected with SynapseIndia since 2 years and working in iphone development. This is my third organization. People are very kind and supportive. They always treat their employees like friends and always take care of the situations. They understand their problems which is the best part of this organization. My team members and department members are friendly, kind and supportive. They are always ready to help their team members. Overall experience is very nice.


I am a part of software development team at SynapseIndia and working as a software architect. I believe many good years are yet to come for me at SynapseIndia. Challenges and opportunities taught me a lot here. This is a company where you always have a voice in your team no matter who you are. I am glad to be a part of it. I joined SynapseIndia as a software engineer and now promoted as software architect. This company is absolutely people centric with its prime focus is always on its human capital. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by great mind. SynapseIndia recognize employees hard work and efforts by giving monthly and quarterly awards like employee of the month and star performer. I also got star performer award at SynapseIndia. SynapseIndia also provide facilities like insurance, food, training and learning. if you want a good work life balance, you must join SynapseIndia. SynapseIndia is a place to grow both professionally and personally. It provides a platform to learn new technologies. I am very lucky to be a part of SynapseIndia.


I am part of SynapseIndia for las 6 years. One of the amazing thing at SynapseIndia is how they empower you. When i joined SynapseIndia, i used to hesitate to talk to my managers for the project because they are more experienced than me. But SynapseIndia gives freedom to talk to senior irrespective of your experience. You can go and can express your views and opinions. The best experience is the cooperation by people, managers and peers. If you want a dynamic and challenging career, then you should join SynapseIndia . if you are looking for career in SynapseIndia, then you should have two things in you, first is the will learn and second is the will to work. if you have these two, then you are the best fit for SynapseIndia.

Gaurav Singh

I m working with SynapseIndia since 13 years and its a great place to work. Here you will get opportunities to work with various clients in different skills set. Company has always given equal opportunity to all its employees. What makes it different from others is transparency and honesty that comes with its services.


Let me share my beautiful experience with this organization. We are completely process oriented in terms of team management, client management and in all processes about whole organization. We believe that ultimate delivery should be given to client with complete satisfaction. Main goal is to achieve client satisfaction.


I feel very proud to be one of the oldest employee of SynapseIndia. My career has skied with the growth of the company, the extraordinary knowledge transfer across the different streams of the project has benefitted to lot of employees. i am really grateful to work in a place which makes us grow to greater heights.


The best experience is the coordination between team and peers. My manager, team members and my colleagues are just like my family. So i love this company and committed to its success. At SynapseIndia, the focus is to give better and healthy work environments to their employees. Every employee is rewarded for their work. So simply its the best place work and learn new things in terms of new technology.


Synapseindia has given me opportunities to work with new technologies. I have worked for SynapseIndia for over 6 years now. My best experience been working for SynapseIndia is, co-operation with people, co-operation with managers and co-operation with peers. If anyone is looking for a dynamic and a challenging career, yet a rewarding one, SynapseIndia is the place to be. It is a nice place to work in.


Its been great experience working with SynapseIndia to work with the team and with seniors. The reason i am talking about learning experience is because of the fact that its been essentially the same which helped me groom myself to where i am actually today in different aspects, be it a development, be it a client communication, requirement gathering, pre sales activity. Not only this, its also been a fun working here. You get lots of opportunities to explore and learn new things which one can use to his or her benefit to shape the career and to grow themselves to the next level.


I have been working with SynapseIndia since 2.6 years. Sharing a video is not enough because my overall my experience with SynapseIndia is fair enough i.e. the overall company, the environment, the management and the entire people over there are so cooperative and supportive. During corona time, they helped me a lot as i was a victim of corona positive and i was hospitalized and more than a month the company took care of my everything. So at last want to share that if you are searching for a good company then definitely SynapseIndia is a good choice.


I am working with SynapseIndia since past 2 years. SynapseIndia provides the way so that i can improve my coding and learning curve. All the managers and group heads are very supportive. Whenever i get stuck in any problem, they are ready to help me. I believe that my learning curve will get better day be day.


SynapseIndia allows to balance personal and professional life: its really a privilege to be part of this organization. Its a Microsoft and Google partner company. We have a great and supportive team. The kind of environment provided by company allows me to balance my personal and professional life. So i am improving my skills day by day in a better way.