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Employee Speaks

Employee Speaks

Following gives a glimpse of what our employees say about us

I am Rahul. I joined SynapseIndia in July 2021. I feel proud to join SynapseIndia because I learn much more things. Here, all staff are very supportive and work environment is very friendly. It is a good company to start your career.


My name is Arjun Sharma. I joined SynapseIndia last year in march as a software trainee in product development. About SynapseIndia, I must say that it is a platform where you can develop your skills not even technical skills you also improve your communication skills, as, SynapseIndia provides you the opportunity to directly interact with the client. And, The work culture is very very stress free. All the group heads and GH and project managers are very cooperative, they are always ready to help you.

Arjun Sharma

This is Ayush Mishra. I am associated with SynapseIndia from last 2 years. And, I am working here as a software architect. And, I would like to share my working experience with you all. Here, like during Covid some of my friends told me that, they are not getting full salaries, they are getting deductions in tier salaries but here in SynapseIndia we are getting full salaries and on time from during Covid till now, we are getting full salaries on time. And, One more thing I would like to mention that management is quite good and supportive. If, you have any problem related to your salaries, related to your work you can reach out to any person like your manager, HR they are all quite supportive. Further, I would like to mention that it is good to be a part of a growing family. And that is all from my side

Ayush Mishra

I am Santosh. Associated with SynapseIndia since last 6 years. It has been a wonderful experience working here. I would like to share my experience working with SynapseIndia. SynapseIndia is a very transparent working system you will get easily recognized for your work, your hard work. SynapseIndia has a open door policy, you can reach to mangers, HR easily for your concerns. So, Working culture here is very good you can easily maintain your personal and professional life balance. Again, It has been great to become a part of SynapseIndia.

Santosh Kumar Yadav

I am Dharmendra Sahu. I am working with SynapseIndia from last 2 years. And, I am happy to share my experience with SynapseIndia. I had learned a lots of things and enhanced my career and also continuous doing enhancing my careers with SynapseIndia. SynapseIndia provides a good and friendly environment. Management and teams are very supportive. And, I suggest to you all please join SynapseIndia to enhance your career with the works.

Dharmendra Sahu

My name is Vishnu. I have been working with SynapseIndia for past 1 year. And, It has been really wonderful journey so far. I would like to share my experience with you all. For me the best thing about the SynapseIndia is open work culture and transparency where there is always place for open communication and cooperation. Everyone can make impact on work by sharing their experience and different approach to solve a problem.

Vishnu Pratap Singh

Hi, I am Rinki from SynapseIndia from last 11 years. I am working with SynapseIndia and it is a opportunity for me. Synapse providing a good platform to work on standard projects with international clients on latest and updated technologies. I am proud to be part of this organization. Synapse is one of the best IT company in Delhi NCR. The company provide equal career opportunity to all. Both fresher as well as experience professional can get equal chance to grow and enhance their technical knowledge. I experience balance professional and personal life at SynapseIndia . All managements are very supportive and helpful. Synapse provide opportunity to develop our skillset on daily basis. I really appreciate the efforts of SynapseIndia. Thank you

Rinki Prasad

My name is Tarun Sharma. And, I am in Microsoft technology department. I work here 10 months here. And, The team is very supportive and my team leader is so much supportive to learn new technologies. And, The work culture here is so good, they support when i am demotivated, they motivate me to work hard and learn more.

Tarun Sharma

I am Karan. I am here in the MS team. And, I have like worked here for around 10 months. And, In this I have got to learn new technologies here which I have not learned before here. And, My team GH they are very supportive, my team leader, everyone in the team is very supportive. And, In the office the environment is very good like they were very helpful during the Covid times and helped me a lot to learn new things gain knowledge here.

Karan Pandey

My name is Akshit. And, I work as a full stack developer in GUI department in SynapseIndia. I like the working culture over here, everyone here is so friendly that you do not even feel that you are in the office, you feel like it is a very comfortable place. Also, you got to learn new technologies and really nice place to enhance your skills.

Akshit Aggarwal

Hi everybody, This is Ravi kumar Bhartiya. And I thanks SynapseIndia for giving me 4+ months of challenging into my ruby on rails. Thank you everybody

Ravi kumar Bhartiya

My name is Gajendra. And, I am associated with the SynapseIndia from the last 7 years. SynapseIndia is an IT company for more than 20 years now and partner with Drupal, shopify, Microsoft. The management of the company is very very supportive, always concern about the wellbeing of its employee. It is a best place to showcase your skill. I have learned a lot of things here. Every employee is rewarded for the work. I would highly recommend everyone to join SynapseIndia, if they love to do innovative, quality work using the latest technology prevailing in the international market.

Gajendra Singh

I am Harikant kumar. I am working with SynapseIndia from last 2 years. It is an organization to provide opportunity for everyone to grow both professionally and personally. The working culture of the environment is a very good and great place to work. It provide a great platform to start your career. It also provide the opportunity to one to start career in IT professionals.

Harikant kumar

My name is Pramod kumar Singh. I am a Senior Software Developer. I am a part of the SynapseIndia here last 6 months. And, Here is the very good working environment. And, Also, Here is the good opportunity as a beginner and you can learn many another technology. And, Thanks for SynapseIndia to give me the opportunity here.

Pramod kumar Singh