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SynapseIndians enjoyed Lohri in True Festive Style

By SynapseIndia Jan 13, 2015

SynapseIndia celebrations for Lohri were as awesome as the local festival itself is. Lohri is in a way all about dancing and having fun with your loved ones; though its also in a way bidding farewell to the winter season. On the occasion of Lohri, there were complete arrangements made to make the festival more enjoyable for all employees. To add up more to the festive spirit of Lohri, we were dressed in colorful traditional dresses that made the entire atmosphere highly mesmerizing. A lot of excitement was already on the floor with all employees all set to participate in the Lohri celebration. Just before the start of celebration, we clicked several pictures on the floor itself. Actual celebration was planned to be done at the office building's terrace and we all gathered there at the right time. In the evening, after the sunset, a huge bonfire was lit. We all gathered around the massive bonfire alongwith our CEO Shamit Khemka and circled around (parikrma) it while throwing popcorn, puffed rice, and other different munchies into the fire. After the parikrma was done, we feasted on the prasad that included jaggery, peanuts, til, gajak, and popcorn. By this time, the traditional dhol had started playing and we all started dancing to its tunes. Dancing continued till late as all were having a really great time; with men performing bhangra and women going for giddha dance steps amid the drum beats. What added more festivity in the celebration was the singing of traditional folk songs by many female employees of the company. SynapseIndia events & celebrations are major attractions of the annual activities carried throughout the year at the 15 year old IT company. IT professionals looking up to SynapseIndia for career have plenty of reasons to choose it as SynapseIndia is CMMI certified and highly reputed in the industry. Besides that, SynapseIndia employee benefits render choosing the company as employer an easier decision. SynapseIndia expansion plan calls for opening up more SynapseIndia registered offices across the world. More SynapseIndia jobs would thus also be available, that would add more responsibility to the shoulders of the SynapseIndia recruitment team for finding suitably qualified candidates for closing SynapseIndia current openings.