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SynapseIndia Now Offering Squarespace Design & Development Services to Global Clients

By SynapseIndia Apr 29, 2015

SynapseIndia has recently announced availability of its Squarespace design & development services for global clients. A leading IT company has already received a couple of projects for its new service offering. Having successfully delivered numerous website development projects based on PHP platform, SynapseIndia now looks forward to maintaining the same success rate for the upcoming Squarespace design & development projects. SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka says that "Squarespace technology offers the creative tools that enable giving a strong voice to ideas. In our team, we have designers & developers who can create awesome web & mobile experiences by employing this progressive technology. We are currently focusing on delivering optimal Squarespace solutions that set new standards in the industry. All our Squarespace developers are competent to offering highly polished, rich-imagery experiences using this platform. SynapseIndia Research & Development team is further working on enabling our developers team to create more innovative Squarespace solutions ” Considering Squarespace as a promising technology for website building, SynapseIndia now looks forward to extending its technical expertise for creating reliable, affordable Squarespace solutions for worldwide clients. “Currently more than 1.8 million websites are powered by Squarespace. It offers beautiful, rich designer templates that are responsive besides so many styling options to make a website more elegant. Though its an already awesome platform, one would still need assistance to make the most out of it just like in case of getting more customization into place with templates. Its here where our design skills & technical expertise will come handy. After all, not everyone can understand complex code” added the spokesperson. SynapseIndia recruitment team is also working on strengthening the team aligned for Squarespace technology; as an endeavor towards the SynapseIndia expansion plan. Consequently, SynapseIndia current openings include a good number of jobs for Squarespace technology experts. Plenty of SynapseIndia jobs in Squarespace would thus also open brighter opportunities for professionals considering SynapseIndia for career in this field.