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SynapseIndia Now Offering Web Development Based on Aura Framework With Independent Library Packages

By SynapseIndia May 29, 2015

It has been the forte of SynapseIndia to develop scalable PHP based web solutions for global clients. The IT outsourcing major has now started deploying the Aura framework for innovating cutting-edge web solutions. SynapseIndia has plans to offer the very best of Aura-based web solutions to global clients.

Explaining the approach that the company would be following, the company spokesperson said “Aura is a monolithic framework where different pieces have been designed to work collectively dependent on each other. As all its library packages are self-contained, we have the absolute leverage to use just one of the packages that will do the necessary to employ separated interfaces and data transfer objects for information transfer across package boundaries”.

SynapseIndia processes in line with CMMI level 3 standards  and SynapseIndia ranking on sites like Elance make the company a trusted technology partner for global clients. Moreover, SynapseIndia Research & Development team continues to innovate methods for further improvements in processes. SynapseIndia PHP development and SynapseIndia iPhone app development are some of the most in-demand services of the 15 year old company. Now, with this new service offering, the company officials look forward to maintaining the same level of consistency in the upcoming projects based on development using Aura to keep their clients satisfied.

The IT outsourcing firm is running successfully under the guidance of Mr. Shamit Khemka who considers optimum client satisfaction as the key to business success. Hence, maximum emphasis of the company of Shamit Khemka is always on maintaining optimum client satisfaction. An IT entrepreneur with deep technology & management expertise, Shamit Khemka has been associated with different technical advisory boards. Shamit Khemka has been on the forefront of devising strategies for his 15 year old IT company that offers web & mobile app development to clients. SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka is also currently the regional director of EO Global for South Asia (2014-16).

SynapseIndia has skilled developers for handling its new projects and the company officials are confident enough to tap the maximum of Aura to make its clients happy. According to the company spokesperson “Aura is the second prominent version of PHP based Solar framework. We will focus on tapping its features to the fullest to make our client’s happy with more innovative web solutions. Our developers will efficiently use its independent library packages either alone, combined with each other or even combined with their own full-stack framework to create scalable web solutions for our clients”.

Shamit Khemka's IT company has successfully delivered projects for clients over the years. Its moreover the able guidance of Shamit Khemka due to which his company has attained this accomplishment and completed 15 years in the industry. However, Shamit Khemka always gives credit to his employees for his organization’s phenomenal success. The IT firm of Shamit Khemka has been the preferred choice of global clients for project assignments and of job-seekers for the facilities it offers. SynapseIndia registered offices are located across the globe and SynapseIndia current openings include a good number of jobs for these locations. With SynapseIndia taking hands-on on Aura now, the number of job openings for Aura developers will increase for sure.

Aura has been tagged as a comparatively better framework than Zend and Symphony according to industry experts. SynapseIndia officials also consider that Aura has the leading edge in regard to web development. “Several PHP developers get stuck with codebases they didn’t make themselves and then consider switching project to some framework while working with Zend and Symphony. With Aura, our developers can employ individual independent parts required for their current projects while gradually improving their codebase quality. Aura allows us to refactor project one part at a time rather than starting from the beginning with a monolithic framework”.

The reputed IT firm of Shamit Khemka has been serving clients for their mobile & web development needs and is now all set to go big with Aura-based web development. Shamit Khemka also has plans for expanding his 15 year old company and SynapseIndia recruitment team has been working on the SynapseIndia expansion plan since long. Besides encouraging conditions for maximum client satisfaction, Shamit Khemka also believes in providing a safer, growth-centric workplace to employees.

The thinking of SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka reflects ideally in his company’s employee-friendly policies that include attractive employee benefits. SynapseIndia employee benefits & work culture attract maximum job-seekers while SynapseIndia celebrations and SynapseIndia events also play their role in making the decision easier for job-seekers. A number of fresh graduates apply every year for SynapseIndia training; and later even look towards the company for a SynapseIndia career. Hopefully, its expected that the IT outsourcing firm of Shamit Khemka will have brighter job opportunities for the professionals looking to learn & work on Aura-based web development projects.