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SynapseIndia Now Also Offering Phalcon Development Services

By SynapseIndia Apr 23, 2015

Global clients can now avail Phalcon development from SynapseIndia. The reputed IT firm has started offering Phalcon development services to global clients. Having already made a mark in the industry via its most sought-after PHP development services, SynapseIndia looks forward to receiving more interesting projects via this new service offering. As per SynapseIndia's CEO Shamit Khemka "Phalcon comes with bundles of features that make it the perfect choice for creating high performance web applications quickly & efficiently. Our professional Phalcon developers can create fully-customized web solutions using this progressive technology. Its due to their capabilities that we are taking up new Phalcon development projects, with each project demanding a different specification of the web solution. At SynapseIndia registered offices, the SynapseIndia Research & Development team is already working on devising innovative approaches to handling the new projects. SynapseIndia ranking on sites like oDesk is quite good. We are expecting more projects in the coming time and definitely SynapseIndia processes in line with CMMI standards  will play a crucial role in drawing in more clients." "Our developers are well-versed with the most basic to the most complex aspects of Phalcon development and can employ the same to complete the received projects featuring diverse requirements. Our Phalcon developers can create complex web applications, web portals, shopping carts, e-commerce websites, custom content management systems besides facilitating integration of multiple systems with 3rd party APIs. We can do a lot more innovative using Phalcon, all we need is a gist of client's requirements. Moreover, SynapseIndia training for developers in additional technologies makes our developers totally competent for better project delivery.” added the spokesperson. The IT outsourcing firm has reportedly received an array of projects based on Phalcon development. However, the biggest challenge now is to deliver the projects within the stipulated time frame. SynapseIndia's C.E.O. Shamit Khemka is quite confident to maintain their clients happy this time too. According to the spokesperson "No doubt, there are a few challenges when you get new projects, and these new Phalcon development projects are no exception. But we are committed to delivering what is promised. So, we would be following the develop-&-deliver approach, that would require us to be more watchful during each phase of development so that no time is wasted in re-coding. Most importantly, considering the fast pace of development work we have been maintaining overall, our clients can stay happy & relieved of having the project delivery as promised. Just like SynapseIndia PHP development & SynapseIndia iphone app development team has impressed clients, we are sure Phalcon development will have the same effect”. Working on a new technology also implies new hiring, same being evident from SynapseIndia current openings for Phalcon developers. At present, SynapseIndia jobs for Phalcon developers are available in plenty. SynapseIndia recruitment team is also working accordingly to recruit more Phalcon developers for upcoming projects, thereby also fulfilling a crucial aspect of the SynapseIndia expansion plan. SynapseIndia LinkedIn page has info for all such new jobs & one can see the company portfolios on SynapseIndia Odesk page. SynapseIndia events are organized throughout the year; same being the scene for SynapseIndia celebrations during which all employees of the company have a great time. Besides these activities, SynapseIndia employee benefits also play a crucial role in attracting more candidates who are keen to taking a SynapseIndia career.