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SynapseIndia Employing WebGL 3D as a New JavaScript feature to Have better Capabilities in Web Development

By SynapseIndia May 15, 2015

The IT outsourcing company SynapseIndia is now all set to employ the advanced browser technology WebGL 3D, a JavaScript API running along feature-rich HTML5. The company considers WebGL highly suited for 3D application development and is progressing along the lines for deploying this cutting-edge web technology for its projects. As per the SynapseIndia C.E.O Shamit Khemka “WebGL is indeed a highly promising technology as far as the future of web development is considered. It is powered by hardware-accelerated 3D graphics and hence presents brights possibilities for designers & developers. Leveraging its potential in our own unique way, we will employ it for something more than just full-page 3D applications. We are considering to integrate it into regular web pages and combine it with other content & technologies. Our team will deploy it effectively to create better user experience by tactically adding visual effects and interactive graphics just like we have been doing using images, videos earlier to build web pages. Such user experience is otherwise not possible with other available technologies”. Speaking about the high-end features of WebGL, the company spokesperson said “WebGL is supported widely on all modern browsers; however there are other factors too on which the availability of this Javascript API depends. Our team will leverage its availability to the core to ensure providing a good experience to our clients. One of the most significant aspect related with use of this API is that no plug-ins are required for rendering interactive 3D computer graphics within any suitably compatible web browser. It will thus be a great help for our developers as they will find it easy to mix WebGl elements with other HTML elements and composite them with various other parts of a webpage. Moreover, with WebGL integrated into mainstream browsers, creating interactive 3D games, apps, and 3D-enhanced UIs would become a lot easier too for our developers”. SynapseIndia developers seem to be fully prepared to use WebGL, same being evident from their attention to detail on each & every aspect of the Javascript API. As per the company spokesperson “ We are fully prepared to use WebGL to render in 3D. With WebGL, we would now be able to directly tap into the in-built 3D graphics acceleration capabilities of modern PC and mobile devices. The preliminary thing you need to get started for same is a canvas and our developers have the know-how of preparing, creating as well as resizing the WebGL context. Compared to the typical web technologies, WebGL is bit more complex; however, it would render it easier for our developers now to place real time 3D graphics in the web browser”. The company's services have been highly sought after by global clients, be it SynapseIndia PHP development or SynapseIndia iPhone app development. A very good SynapseIndia ranking on sites like Elance is also indicative of the high popularity of the company. SynapseIndia expansion plan aims at opening more SynapseIndia registered offices across the globe. Definitely, to realize this plan, SynapseIndia recruitment team will have to work hard to close the SynapseIndia current openings. The number of job-seekers looking to take a SynapseIndia career or to have SynapseIndia training for skill enhancement is increasing day-by-day. SynapseIndia processes in line with CMMI level 3 standards besides a host of SynapseIndia employee benefits are providing ample reasons to the job-seekers to choose the 15 year old IT outsourcing company. A good number of SynapseIndia celebrations & SynapseIndia events are held by the company from time to time that provides the perfect break to employees to get-together and have an enjoyable time.