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SynapseIndia Chess Tournament – Huge Enthusiasm in Employees as Expected

By SynapseIndia Jun 16, 2014

Its rightly said that playing chess calls for applying brains into a situation that's more demanding & challenging. Chess involves a lot of mental exercise requiring more concentration, analysis, assessment, calculation, and more crucially imaginative power. It moreover also teaches an individual to successfully face all ups & downs coming in the way by suitable planning. At SynapseIndia, chess tournament is held every year as one of the major SynapseIndia events. Every year, there is a lot of enthusiasm in the company's employees for becoming the champion of this brain game. Consequently, the number of employees registering for the chess tournament goes up every year. This year too, as soon as the info for organizing chess tournament was released, there was almost a bombardment of e-mails regarding registration. Excessive zeal for this brain game among employees could be made out from the fact that there were many who started making preparations & practicing the game at home. Even in free hours like lunch, break etc., many participants, mostly from SynapseIndia PHP development were heard discussing tactics of the game with their fellow mates. The excitement for the tournament among employees was awesome indeed. Weekend is the right time to enjoy something special and so the management also decided to keep the much-awaited chess tournament during weekend. However, the tournaments final round was planned for another day. With completion of every round, there were eliminations, causing the winning ones to rejoice and losing ones feel slightly disappointed. However, winning & losing is all part of the game and every SynapseIndian understands that fully. As the tournament progressed, so did the excitement for the game. Finally, we had the two finalists all set to play the final round. For the final round, there were supporters for both finalists, each of them encouraging their team member to win the tournament. Finally, we had the chess tournament winner emerging from SynapseIndia's Business Development team. A certificate and gift was awarded to the winner in a post-match ceremony conducted at the office. CEO Shamit Khemka was also witnessed having fun-time in the brain fight. SynapseIndia expansion plan aims to expand globally and for that all-rounder performers are necessarily needed. SynapseIndia recruitment team is constantly working to select such team players by conducting interviews at SynapseIndia registered offices and closing all SynapseIndia current openings. A huge number of SynapseIndia jobs are available, information for which can be easily taken from the SynapseIndia LinkedIn page too. SynapseIndia CMMI certification and numerous SynapseIndia employee benefits are given due consideration by job-seekers nowadays.