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SynapseIndia Celebration : Employees Speak Their Heart Out in Form of Thanksgiving Messages

By SynapseIndia Nov 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most prominent SynapseIndia Celebrations. We celebrate this day at SynapseIndia every year. Its the day when all employees are seen extending their sincere thanks to their team mates. So, it was moreover the same as planned with employees thanking their coworkers for their extended support, collaborative nature and more. Actually, there are multiple reasons due to which an employee can be thankful to the other and so to bring the same out, our management decided to have it expressed in a more memorable way. In an endeavor to make the Thanksgiving celebration a more enjoyable one, everyone was given colorful papers to speak their heart out about the person they wanted to thank. There was no restriction on the choice as we were allowed to express thanks for someone even for those in our personal world. Consequently, while some employees expressed their thanks for their team members, there were many who did the same for their family members. On those colorful pieces of papers, the employees spoke their heart out while expressing thanks and mentioning the respective reason as well. It seemed like the space to write was too less for some employees as they attached extra pieces to convey their heart-felt thanks & appreciation for the person they thought deserved it. By afternoon, all papers with the Thanksgiving messages were collected together and a team took a look over all messages to decide the most promising ones. The best messages were displayed on the company's noticeboard while other messages were pinned on the workstations of employees. Even CEO Shamit Khemka participated in the thanksgiving and guess what he thanked all the employees and support staff for their wonderful support to make what SynapseIndia is. Thanksgiving Day celebration at SynapseIndia brings employees closer to each other. Its not merely SynapseIndia employee benefits that make the company's employees happier; indeed, such a collaborative work environment bundled with timely celebration at SynapseIndia registered offices is what makes them eternally happy. SynapseIndia CMMI certification adds more to its goodwill. SynapseIndia expansion plan offers ample chances to job-seekers to grab any one of the available SynapseIndia jobs. While info for jobs is available on SynapseIndia LinkedIn page too, the SynapseIndia recruitment team also plays a major part in finding suitable candidates for SynapseIndia current openings.