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Independence Day Celebration at SynapseIndia – Saluting Mother India

By SynapseIndia Aug 16, 2014

At SynapseIndia, celebration for Independence Day brings in a wave of patriotism among all employees. One of the most crucial SynapseIndia Celebrations, the Independence Day celebration is always full of fun & frolic. During this Independence Day celebration, there was superb enthusiasm in every employee. Lots of flags and tricolor balloons were arranged for the special occasion that was enough to evoke the patriotic feeling for each of us. Many employees were wearing the traditional dress as well. Participation in the celebration was in full flow and that was very much visible. It was almost a perfect weather to celebrate Independence Day in the open terrace of the company. The celebration started with all employees singing the National Anthem, which was followed by a short, motivational speech from company CEO Mr. Shamit Khemka. Post speech, Independence Day quiz was to come next and all employees actively participated in the same. Lots of gifts were distributed to the employees providing the right answers for the questions. Many tried their best shot in guessing answers but failed, yet they kept trying to grab a gift. As part of the Independence Day celebration, there was special lunch arranged for all employees. Delicious menu was set for adding up to the fun of the special day's enjoyment. A lot of other activities were also lined up for the celebration including patriotic song singing competition, patriotic slogan writing etc. During the patriotic song singing competition, female employees from different departments bagged the first two spots owing to their melodious voice. In the patriotic slogan writing competition, there was a flurry of inspiring slogans that made it hard for the judging team to decide the winners. Finally, the winners from each competition were awarded gifts. Overall, it was the perfect Independence Day celebration that each SynapseIndian will have in memories for a long time. SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka says that Work culture at SynapseIndia encourages maximum employee collaboration and participation in the different SynapseIndia events organized throughout the year. Besides the work culture, SynapseIndia employee benefits speak more about the company's employee-centric policy. SynapseIndia recruitment team hires the best professionals for SynapseIndia registered offices and offers them the best benefits that they can rely upon. Shamit Khemka also mentioned the company's diligent recruitment team is working hard to make the SynapseIndia expansion plan turn into real as it looks forward to screening more candidates for closing the SynapseIndia current openings. Job-seekers can go through SynapseIndia LinkedIn page to get more details for available jobs.