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HR Connect – Bringing Employees Together for Fun-filled Engagement Sessions

By SynapseIndia Jan 31, 2015

The role of HR is not limited merely to lining-up candidates for interviews, screen them, inform about company's policies and hand-over appointment letters. Once a job candidate makes an entry into the company as an employee, its the responsibility of the HR to make sure that every thing goes smooth for the new comer. Employees and HR share a strong bond and at SynapseIndia we cherish that bond by arranging HR connect sessions at regular intervals of time at all SynapseIndia registered offices. So, what's included in these HR Connect sessions ? "At SynapseIndia, these sessions serve the means to bring together employees and HR for more group activities involving fun & entertainment; besides creating an environment for employees of different departments to collaborate and connect" says SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka. For this, a fixed number of employees from different departments are selected for attending the session. During the session, the employees get to speak about their special experiences with SynapseIndia in the past few days. Also, activities like interesting quiz, showcasing special talent etc., are conducted besides other exciting games that require collaboration & team work. Employees attending the session participate in all activities to give their best shot. Motivational videos and informative slide shows are also played during the HR Connect session as required. After all activities are over, employees are offered refreshing snacks. Typically, duration of each HR Connect session varies between 1-2 hours; however, depending on requirement, the duration is extended at times. Job-seekers looking towards SynapseIndia for career opportunities actually have brighter options as SynapseIndia jobs are available in plenty. Based on the aim of global expansion of company's business, the SynapseIndia expansion plan focuses on expanding the business reach to all corners of the globe, besides opening new doors of opportunities for job-seekers. Fresh graduates as well as experienced professionals can look for SynapseIndia current openings via SynapseIndia LinkedIn page. Alternatively, they can contact the SynapseIndia recruitment team too. The recruitment team will assist the candidates in getting whatever info they need besides lining them up for interview. SynapseIndia employee benefits make the company a highly sought-after employer for job-seekers. Additionally, SynapseIndia CMMI certification adds more value & credibility to the company's name.