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Fun & Celebrations at SynapseIndia Makes it The Best Place to Do Great Work

By SynapseIndia Jul 10, 2015

SynapseIndia, a leading IT company in India, has indeed come a long way since its inception in the year 2000. The journey of SynapseIndia in last 15 years has been incredibly successful because of the charismatic leadership of the CEO Shamit Khemka and professional, talented and dedicated teams. HR team at SynapseIndia always strives to build a Work Culture which is satisfying, flexible yet dynamic in nature. SynapseIndia organizes various events time to time to make its employees bond better with each other & keeping them happy & motivating at the workplace. Shamit Khemka, CEO, SynapseIndia says, “Employee engagement activities in the workplace contribute in keeping employees happy and refreshed. Having fun in the way of gaming competition at work increase team co-operation, bring togetherness, relieve stress and enhance the bonding between employees.” Table Tennis Championship Like every year, SynapseIndia organized Table tennis championship in May 2015, participated by many of company employees. Employees active participation & excitement for the event was outstanding throughout the tournament. The winners of table tennis tournament were awarded with cool prizes. World Cup Semi Final Match SynapseIndia hosted live screening of the ICC world cup Semi final face off between India and Australia on big screen. All the team members enjoyed their work with the intense game between two teams, though the result didn't go in the favor of India. HR Connect Session SynapseIndia HR team conduct various engagement sessions in the office premises on weekly basis. The aim for such sessions is to give some fun time to the employees at workplace and making them feel refreshed. These HR sessions held at SynapseIndia premises include various indoor games, team building exercises & fun games like Antakshari competition & lot more.. Chess Competition As a part of its culture, SynapseIndia annually hosts a Chess competition at workplace that give some breathing space to employees at workplace in a brainy scuffle among each other. Also the winners came out are honored with exciting prizes. The winners of this year competition were presented with a Tablet. SynapseIndia events offer a wholesome experience of fun, team building & celebration. Apart from fun & celebrations, employees at SynapseIndia deliver excellence through their services. Clients never need to complain regarding the quality of work & deadlines in any cases. For various projects, SynapseIndia has received great feedback & reviews from its valuable clients. Contribution of the recruitment team of SynapseIndia has been valuable in the organization's success. They work hard to bring in the best candidates who also fit into organizational culture.