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Fiery & Scary Halloween Day

By SynapseIndia Oct 31, 2014

Typically known as the time of ghosts, goblins and witches, the Halloween day has a special importance. Being one of the major SynapseIndia celebrations, the day is celebrated in the genuine festive spirit. To make the celebration more realistic & enjoyable, our CEO Shamit Khemka specially advised to have a typical haunted theme. For this, one of the office rooms was ideally decorated in scary theme; lights were kept as dim as possible while plenty of candles were also arranged. To add to that feeling of horror, a giant screen was placed with the projector playing Halloween themed tracks and clippings of intense scary sounds. As the best of horror & scary tactics can be applied & experienced during night; the management decided to celebrate Halloween during evening. With all settings done perfectly, all employees were requested to gather in the room featuring the scary Halloween theme. The room lights were kept dim in the beginning but later were completely turned off to enhance the horror effect. With all lights closed, candles were lit one by one to add some light in the room. By this time, the scary Halloween sounds had already started playing. Visuals on the giant screen were horrific and so were the sounds. A large size speaker made the sound effects more frightening, causing a few employees to even scream. More was yet to come as everyone started making strange Halloween noises, causing the room atmosphere to go totally horrific. All employees painted their faces in strokes of black to get as much scary look as possible. Pictures were clicked and finally everyone relished the snacks arranged for them. It was a great Halloween day celebration that everyone enjoyed to the core. Every year, many of such celebrations are conducted at SynapseIndia registered offices. Already having presence in the US, UK and India; the company looks forward to opening more worldwide offices as part of the SynapseIndia expansion plan. More SynapseIndia jobs are thus yet to come for job-seekers. However, every candidate applying for any of the SynapseIndia current openings is thoroughly screened by the SynapseIndia recruitment team. Job info for different available openings is also made available on SynapseIndia LinkedIn page.