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Bright Colors, Dance & Music Made Holi even more merrier

By SynapseIndia Mar 08, 2015

Holi is the festival of playing colors without hurting anyone and the same was followed during the awe-inspiring Holi celebration at SynapseIndia. Holi celebration is one of the most prominent SynapseIndia celebrations held every year with full zeal & spirit at SynapseIndia registered offices. This year too, our company management had made extensive plans for keeping the celebration safe & enjoyable. Cheap quality colors pose a threat to skin causing various allergies and skin problems and our company management understands this fact fully. In an endeavor to safeguard the health of all employees, the company management decided to make use of herbal colors besides strictly prohibiting water balloons. The celebrations started at 6p.m sharp with few employees throwing dry colors on each other. Within a few minutes, the number of employees joining in to play colors swelled from a few to many. Few, who were trying to escape from colors were circled around and painted brilliantly. Later, these willing-to-escape employees also joined in and played colors. Everyone, including SynapseIndia PHP development team, SEO team besides others was having a real good time painting each others in red, blue, green and more colors of their choice. During the time when everyone was busy painting each other, music started to play. What entertained us the most was the playing of traditional Bollywood Holi songs that made us swing in full flow to the tunes of the music. Back-to-back Holi songs were played that aroused the spirit of festivity to the highest levels while also encouraging us all to dance & enjoy. Mouth-watering sweets, snacks and drinks were also arranged for us to make the Holi celebration more entertaining. All in all, it was a highly mesmerizing Holi celebration that we would remember for a long time. SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka mentioned that Its not just these celebrations but a lot of SynapseIndia employee benefits too that attract job-seekers towards the company. SynapseIndia recruitment team plays a significant role in shortlisting & recruiting the right candidates from the candidates applying for SynapseIndia jobs. Moreover, SynapseIndia processes in line with CMMI standards and SynapseIndia ranking on portals like oDesk adds more value to its repute in the industry, thus influencing clients as well as job-seekers.