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News & Events…All memorable, worth-noticing happenings in a company make its big news and so systematic presentation of all such happenings is extremely crucial. Under the News & Events section, detailed & totally updated information for all the current happenings in company & SynapseIndia events are listed in a systematic format. Browse through this page to know all of the company’s latest happenings, SynapseIndia celebrations news, press releases, blogs etc. Events SynapseIndia celebrations & events are organized throughout the year; be it the Foundation Day Celebration, Festival Celebration (Holi, Diwali, Christmas etc.), Special Sports events (like Table Tennis Tournament, Chess Tournament etc.), Motivational Events, HR Connect, Special Match Screening, Outing or some other SynapseIndia celebrations. In the SynapseIndia Events section, you can find information related to all such SynapseIndia celebrations organized by the company.
Synapse working culture
Synapse working culture

News – All grand happenings in the company are listed under this section. Elaborated news related to the company’s newest service offerings, adoption of new technologies, celebrations, etc., can be easily viewed by browsing through this section. Take a tour of all the recent happenings in SynapseIndia here.

Press Releases – Under this section, you will get detailed press releases related to the company’s major announcements, most new service offerings, CSR initiatives and more. Over the years, SynapseIndia has adopted a number of advanced web technologies like Phalcon, Squarespace, Aura framework etc., with the aim of providing optimal IT solutions to its worldwide clients in a range of business verticals – press releases for all such announcements are listed here.

SynapseIndia celebrations have always been a key part of company’s work culture. There are different SynapseIndia celebrations organized at the company throughout the year. Besides organizing events & celebrations, SynapseIndia also keeps making active contributions to charitable organizations as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility from time to time. You can get detailed Press Releases for all such happenings & SynapseIndia events within the company by browsing through this section.

Blog – In this section, you can find blogs related to SynapseIndia; including topics like SynapseIndia recruitment policy, recruitment strategies, SynapseIndia events, current openings etc. The blogs posted in this section will help you get a more clear picture of the company’s recruitment policies & procedures besides providing info for the web & mobile app development jobs available. You can also see glimpse of various SynapseIndia celebrations including festive events, employee recognition, team events and more. SynapseIndia celebrations foster team spirit amongst employees and make them establish better bond with other team members. SynapseIndia celebrations re-energize employees and make them more productive at work.

SynapseIndia events and SynapseIndia celebrations such as annual day celebration or employee recognition event are organized to keep employees engaged and motivated. To know more, visit official website.