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SynapseIndia Star Performer Awards Aim to Appreciate Outstanding Commitment

May 19, 2015

Star Performer Award given by Shamit Khemka

    The quarterly Star Performance award is an extraordinary way to recognize & appreciate the outstanding commitment shown by a team member who consistently exceeds expectations in the performance of their jobs.
    SynapseIndia, the premier IT solution provider organization in India, guarantees high motivation levels at workplace, to all its teams including programmers, marketers, HR, Administration, Finance/Accounts, through compensation packages that are best in industry, stimulating job content, brilliant career development opportunities, and, not the least, an advanced & reliable recognition mechanism.
    Recognizing the excellent job done by these programmers & managers, SynapseIndia had introduced the concept of star performer. The organization celebrates not only their exceptional coding and testing skills but most importantly their ability to perform extraordinary even in the time when a project goes through the challenges and setbacks.
    Contenders for star performer of the month are nominated by colleagues & managers. Many of the top Star Performers work their magic behind the scenes, where most clients do not interact them directly, but undoubtedly they all put their contribution in organization success and are an integral part of our vision to provide the best in class services, solutions & client's care possible.
    SynapseIndia has recently awarded a Senior Software Engineer in PHP department with Star Performer award for his dedication and commitments towards the challenging projects. The way he handled the project and contributed his efforts not only in his task but also in team members is highly remarkable. He was praised for his excellent work, attention to detail and communication skills by client as well.
    Star performing employees have the ability to think long-term and execute well short-term, sometimes they take calculated risks and take full accountability for their actions. Star performers likely combine optimism with realism and have great tenacity and high energy. The list may seem endless. But besides these, the most important motivation behind running such programs is about making leaders secure about themselves from inside.
    At SynapseIndia, we have a vivacious and open work environment, and a collaborative culture that is in view of teamwork. Pulling together is a core fundamental of our hard working attitude. Fiery and loaded with energy, our IT professionals enjoy their day at work. Life at SynapseIndia is an invigorating and energizing background. Not just do our workplaces have the best framework and innovation, our associates have a talent of buckling down — and celebrating hard. As our employees say - “we work hard, but we party even harder”.

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