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Current Openings in CakePHP at SynapseIndia

Oct 06, 2015

A Website developer has numerous opportunities to get utilized over every sort of industry and business organizations beginning from Information Technology, Medical to Retail industry. They may specifically be hired by account consultancies firms, S/w Hubs, Design Houses, and Advertisement Agencies or even in marketing and film industry as well. There are much brilliant openings for work for a website developer in India. In the same field the SynapseIndia manager assume the candidates to be a fitting degree level graduate. In the event that candidates have fairly meeting expectations encounter then they would be favored while recruitment process by the businesses. It’s better if applicants additionally have great professional & job skills. SynapseIndia is working very effectively in web development by using various frameworks of PHP. One of the framework name CakePHP is also popular in market.CakePHP is a free open-source rapid development framework for PHP. Its a structure of libraries, classes and run-time infrastructure for programmers creating web applications originally inspired by the Ruby on Rails framework. CakePHP has several features that make it a great choice as a framework for developing applications swiftly and with the least amount of hassle. Below are few of these features:

  • Active, friendly community
  • Flexible Licensing
  • Compatibility with PHP4 and PHP5
  • Integrated CRUD for database interaction and simplified queries
  • Application Scaffolding
  • Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture
  • Request dispatcher with good looking, custom URLs
  • Built-in Validation
  • Fast and flexible templating (PHP syntax, with helpers)
  • View Helpers for AJAX, Javascript, HTML Forms and more
  • Security, Session, and Request Handling Components
  • Flexible access control lists
  • Data Sanitization
  • Flexible View Caching
  • Works from any web site subdirectory, with little to no Apache configuration involved
SynapseIndia is a leading website and mobile app development company. IT Mentor & an Entrepreneur SynapseIndia's CEO Shamit Khemka spread their business across the globe. They have more than 500 full time employees and all the experts at SynapseIndia working in tandem to achieve good feedback from clients having no complaints at all. They have already delivered more than 3000 thousand projects. They pass on complete quality solutions for website development services and getting good reviews on various SynapseIndia PHP Web development projects. The Employment bond is basically an agreement which the company and the employee enter into which among the other terms contained therein states that in consideration of the training given to the Employee and the money spent by the company in imparting such training, the Employee will remain in the services of the company for a particular period.  


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