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A Fair Comparison between Corporate Recruitment Vs Selection Process

Jun 19, 2015

Recruitment and selection are the two different phases of the employment process. Selecting is finding potential candidates for actual or anticipated organization opening. It is a connecting activity bringing together those with jobs to fill and those looking for employments. In a perfect world, a compelling recruitment exertion will welcome countless and suitable candidates who will accept the job in the event that it is offered. A decent recruitment system should attract qualified candidates and discourage the inadequate. Recruitment goes before selection process.

Selection is a procedure of utilizing individuals having obliged qualification. It serves to choose deserving candidates from a pool of qualified candidates recognized in recruitment stage. It serves to pick effective candidates and utilize them at work. As recruitment finishes, selection procedure begins.

Recruitment Vs Selection Process

  • Recruitment is the procedure of finding candidates for vocation, welcoming them to apply jobs in the associations while selection procedure includes arrangement of ventures, through which, the most suitable persons are chosen and offered for vacant posts.

  • Recruitment is a positive procedure i.e. empowering more employees/candidates to apply whereas selection is a negative process as it rejects inadmissible candidates.

  • Recruitment welcomes huge number of qualified candidates while selection procedure chooses just the best candidate among the pool of qualified candidates.

  • Recruitment is a basic process that includes pulling in vast number of candidates while selection procedure is not as straightforward as recruitment, includes arrangement of exercises.

  • There is no agreement of recruitment set up in recruitment stage. Unexpectedly, selection brings about an agreement of administration between the head honcho and the chose employee.

  • Recruitment is the first period of business procedure whereas selection begins when recruitment closes.

  • Cost and time included in recruitment procedure is lesser than that of Selection.

  • Recruitment is concerned with tapping the sources of HR whereas selection is concerned with selecting the most suitable candidate through different interviews and tests.

  • Recruitment procedure welcomes qualified candidates while selection process tends utilize right candidate.

Factors Influencing Recruiting Efforts

Enlisting exertion changes from association to association. A few factors impact the enlisting exercises in association, which may be portrayed as takes after:

Size of the Organization: An association with one thousand employees will enlist more frequently than another association having under hundred employees. In this way, size of the association impact enrolling exertion.

Location: Employment conditions in the group where the association is found will likewise influence the recruitment.

Status of the Organization: If the status of the association is sure in the business, less number of the employees will switch over. Therefore, there will less recruitment exertion.

Benefits: Salary, livens and working conditions will unquestionably impact recruitment. Employee turnover is less in association where these benefits are advertised.

Growth of Organization: A developing Organization will probably select individuals all the more frequently, while in declining firm there will be less selecting exertion. Subsequently, positive and negative extension of Organization impacts recruitment exertion.

Economic Condition: Both national and universal financial conditions have impact on recruitment exertion. In solid monetary condition, there will be additionally enrolling exertion.

Management Decision: Management choices additionally impact recruitment effort.

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