20+ years of Excellence



Acknowledging & rewarding individual effort is indeed an institutionalized process in our company. Without the support of our dedicated staff, we would not have been at the position where we are in the current time. All of our employees have full liberty to talk about their performance, and effectively plan their grow & development. For employee recognition, we have the process ‘Wall of fame’, under which employees receive bonus for their spectacular performance.

SynapseIndia also honors & rewards all employees completing multiple years with the company. All our employees are identified on account of their specific role in their respective department within the company. In this way, all employees receive the individual much-needed recognition they truly deserve. This also acts as a self-motivating factor for everyone who contributes valiant efforts for the growth of our organization.


We have formulated an automated process of calculating incentive scheme to facilitate proper distribution of incentives to all our diligent, deserving employees. All incentives/bonuses are purely based on the employee’s work performance and there is not even the minutest scope for any sort of partiality being done while deciding the same.

Best and star performer awards:

Awards play a crucial role in motivating an employee. Acquainted with this fact, we provide “Best Performer Awards” once in a month to all employees putting up a good performance in their respective departments. Additionally, a “Star Performer Award” is given once in three months to a single employee performing brilliantly in the whole company.

Insurance Schemes:

We do care for our valued employees; our comprehensive health insurance schemes are an indicative of that. Being shielded from the different health ailments, our employees are able to perform with full efficiency and that contributes positively to our annual productivity & gains. In order to provide the best protection to all our employees, we provide them coverage schemes like
  • Medical Insurance
  • Accidental Insurance
  • Group medical Insurance

Surprise awards:

We also give surprise awards to our hard and smart working employees based on their active participation in the different activities within the company during SynapseIndia events. Receiving such surprise awards from time to time keeps our employees in true high spirits and totally motivated. Employees not taking any leave for a long time may be given surprise awards for their regularity. Similarly, surprise award may be given to an employee who presents a brilliant idea in favor of the company’s growth. Reasons may be different but the motive behind giving these awards is the same – “acknowledging the employee’s effort”.

Paid vacations:

An employee who performs brilliantly grabs the opportunity for a getaway at a place of his/her choice. All expenses for the trip are fully paid by the company and so the employee has to only focus on the different ways to have a great time during the vacation with his/her family, friends. Back from the fully sponsored vacation, the employee can then start working with a fresh mind.

Recruiting Award for Employee Referrals:

Nothing can be better than taking a reference from the people you rely upon. We rely upon our diligent employees and so always ask them to provide us suitable references for the positions that are vacant in the company. Most importantly, we also totally understand that “nothing comes for free”; hence, we provide cash rewards to the employees who provide us relevant candidate references.

Work-life balance:

All our employees are encouraged to come office on the specified time and leave as per schedule. This offers the perfect setting for our employees to maintain the right balance between their professional & personal life. We offer flexible day work timings to our employees, thereby giving everyone the leverage to choose the timings that suits their convenience. Additionally, with two Saturdays (second & last) off in a month, our employees get ample time to spend quality time with their family, friends during weekend. Also, we never call anyone on a holiday; in other words, an employee working on a holiday has never happened in the history of SynapseIndia.

SynapseIndia celebrations on various festive occasions including Diwali, Holi, X-Mas, New Year, Lohri, Independence day etc. are organized within office premises which involve various fun & gaming activities.

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SynapseIndia Trainings for Professional Development of Employees:

Technology sophistication, personality development, team ethics and related business challenges keep altering from time to time. Its the major reason why we focus on providing skill-enhancing training sessions to all our employees. At times, senior professionals within a department are handed the responsibility to train their junior subordinates to make them aware of the new technology basics.

Not only just internal trainings, trainings from external trainers to are also provided to our employees seeking the current market trends.