Acquiring the right skilled professionals is crucial to the success of any organization; knowing this fact, we hire the best brains in the industry and based on their performance conduct appraisals on an annual basis. Our appraisal scheme is purely performance-based and no unfair means whatsoever are involved. We take appraisals as the way to identify areas for performance improvement besides promoting professional growth. Due to our fair appraisal scheme, the work enthusiasm naturally multiplies among all employees as they eagerly look forward to getting appraisal for their work performance. SynapseIndia’s yearly appraisals are solely focused on the manner the employees perform during that period. We award the outstanding performers with different recognitions and encourage other employees to learn from them. This enables them grow and they are able to help the company grow as well. All promotions & recognitions are announced in the presence of all employees in a meeting in SynapseIndia.

Founded by Shamit Khemka, in year 2000, SynapseIndia is known for being an employee friendly organization. We constantly strive for building, and maintaining high-trust, high-performing workplace cultures. Work & Life balance and practices like open door policy are also encouraged by SynapseIndia management Shamit Khemka.

We never let the top performers go unnoticed. Acknowledging the hard work of employees, we keep rewarding them with suitable rewards; presenting new cars to the excellent performers is just another way to reward them for their effective contribution to SynapseIndia’s growth and success. Cars are awarded to all employees who perform constantly well for years in an endeavor to acknowledge their loyalty, skills and commitment for the organization.Honda Amaze, Chevrolet Spark, Hyundai i10, Hyundai Eon, Hyundai Accent, Hyundai i20, Maruti SX4, Renault Duster, and Maruti Ritz are the cars we gift to the deserving employees.

SynapseIndia Appraisals

Being a firm supporter of the fact that every performing employee must get a thoughtful & accurate appraisal, we measure skills & achievements of the employees with reasonable uniformity & accuracy. Periodic reviews provide a fair understanding of the employee’s performance during a period of time and our appraisals are largely dependent on the employee’s monthly reviews as given by his/her supervisor.

At SynapseIndia, monthly reviews are given for all employees based on parameters like leadership abilities, punctuality, communication, quality of work, dedication, fairness and integrity, time management, knowledge in one’s field, teamwork & delegation, and quality & innovation. These reviews provide a transparent, critical and formal feedback on the employee’s overall job progress and help us accordingly decide the salary increment percentage for the employee.